Goley Sir's Biology Classes

Life is All About

When I Asked God for strength
He Gave Me difficult situations to face
When I Asked God for brain & brown
He Gave Me puzzles in life to solve
When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me some unhappy people
When I Asked God for wealth
He Showed Me how to work hard
When I Asked God for favours
He Showed Me opportunities to work hard
When I Asked God for peace
He Showed Me how to help others
God gave me nothing i wanted
He gave me everything i needed

-Swami Vivekanand

Director's Message

"Like the blind men describing the elephant, many different perspectives are important for providing an integrated understanding of mechanical function of cells and tissues..."
Necessity is the mother of invention- it is true but sometimes necessity becomes mother of miracles. Such a miracle has taken shape of our Biology Coaching Classes, a Pioneer & the most trusted class for PRE-MEDICAL exams such as MH-CET, AIPMT, ASSO-CET, AIIMS & Board Exams.
My institute has developed a new paradigm that will encourage innovative approaches to understand biological functions for Better result in biology.
The need of the hour to make this change a successful one is the right attitude and adequate preparation to be able to turn the feeling of apprehension and insecurity into a pleasant sense of achievement. As the popular saying goes, where there is will there is a way.

Prof. Prashant S. Goley

(M.Sc. Bioinformatics)
        Research Scholar (Ph.D)